Semester Exam – American Literature Honors (5th)

American Literature Honors Winter Semester Exam

Presentation Instructions

 What do I need to prepare?


  • Index cards with discussion notes – You need to give talking points in the same order that is on your rubric
  • A handout that your classmates will complete as they listen to your presentation. It should not be detracting from your presentation – they should be able to listen and complete it at the same time. (Think: Fill-in-the Blank style but it also should contain additional information from your presentation and your introductory paragraph exactly as it appears in your final paper).
  • A collage – minimum size (1/2 a poster size) of quotes, titles/authors from each book, symbols, and other images from your novels. (You can use images from magazines or computer images – just make sure that you have a clean color ink cartridge!)




You absolutely have to be prepared the day of your presentation. I will announce the order of your classmates’ presenting on Tues. 12/16.  It will be random. No one will be able to request when they go.


I will not be printing out anything for you. Do not ask. If your printer doesn’t work/you don’t have one/etc., you will HAVE to find a way to get this done – friend’s house/library, etc.


I also will not be “giving you an ‘A’ or a ‘B’ merely because you stand up and present. You will earn whatever grade you get. Preparation, attention to detail, and diligence is the key to getting an “A.”



Good Luck! Email me at: with any questions up to 9 pm weeknights.

American Literature Honors Final Exam Presentation Rubric



Title of books/authors:_________________________________

List title and total page numbers in book:

1.                                                                                 2.


Description of creative project:________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

Description of handout that you gave your classmates:


Presentation Portion


I.         Introduce the title/authors of your book _________/5 pts

II.     Explain the overview/purpose of your semester book project (based on the proposal you gave me in early September) _________10 pts.

III.   Explain your handout and what students how students are supposed to complete it during your presentation.______________/10 pts.

IV.   Read your introductory paragraph to the class from your essay_________________10 pts.


V.     Finally, present your creative project…explain each part of it thoroughly. (Hint: if you don’t have much to explain, it’s too simple and not thought-out well enough!)_________________10 pts.


VI.  Explain what you learned from this semester book project – this should focus on your self-improvement in reading literature or writing literature (Remember – this is your final exam grade so be reflective, honest with yourself and me, and thorough!)____________/15


Written/Creative portion


VII. Handout Portion: No grammatical errors, enough copies for class (19), meaningful, learning opportunity for your peers, insightful and interesting:______________________/20


VII.                        Creative Project – Aesthetically pleasing (if you can’t draw well, don’t draw!), multi-faceted (isn’t just a picture of one thing) collage, has quotes from each book, symbols from each book, titles from each book, is minimum of half a poster board size, no maximum size, all of poster is used efficiently, no excess white space.  ______________________________/20

Total points:_______________________/100


Mrs. Breaux’s comments and constructive criticism:






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