AP Literature Week 10/13-10/17

AP Literature – Weekly Agenda – 10/13-10/17/08

Mrs. Breaux


Mon. 10/13 – Discussion Question rotation – Each group chose two of the three discussion questions from each group. These questions were designed on Friday and were from the: Analysis/Synthesis/Evaluation tiers of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

HW: Complete first 10 chapters from How to Read….


Tues. 10/14 – 1. How to Read…checked from me…. 2. Rubric for project handed out.

3. Groups present discussion questions  4. AP Question Stems Handout 


HW: Create 10 questions using question stems from Beowulf. Email these to me: breauxclassroom@gmail.com by 6:45 am Wed. 10/15.


Wed. 10/15   1. Turn in HW   2. Beowulf Critical Essay handed out for those that don’t have the Norton edition: Tolkien “Beowulf: The Monsters and the Critics  3. Answer the following questions for this essay and have this read to turn in before your test:

HW: Study for your test. This test is: short answer/multiple choice/short answer

It is ASSUMED you have concrete, solid plot knowledge. Therefore, the majority of the test questions come from the bottom three tiers of Bloom’s Taxonomy.


Study the following for your test:

  • Background notes I gave you in class (the typed ones)
  • Background notes you took in class: Old English Language and Poetics and Translator’s Introduction
  • All your annotations and focus on: symbols/character development/themes/motifs
  • All the elements of a heroic myth and the ability to apply Beowulf to these elements

And for your super, sweet surprise (how’s that for alliteration?) you may create a plot timeline of 40 major events to use on your test. I’m not grading this, but if I were you, I would definitely take the time to make it. YOU MAY NOT INCLUDE ANALYSIS and MAY NOT USE THE INTERNET (Spark Notes, etc.) to create this.


Thur. 10/16 – Beowulf Test.  Prompt given for Essay Test on Mon. 10/20.


Fri. 10/17 – Multiple choice question practice. 

HW: Outline prompt for essay on Monday.


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