American Lit. Honors Week 12/8-12/12/08

Important Due Dates:

  • Thur. 12/11 – Rough Draft Due of Comparison/Contrast Paper
  • Tues. 12/16 – Final Semester Comparison/Contrast Paper Due
  • Fri. 12/19 – Semester Comparison/Contrast Presentation for final exam


Mon. 12/8


  • How to Write a Literary Essay (You received this about two months ago)
  • Semester Book Paper Overview (You received this about two weeks ago)
  • Comparison/Contrast Overview (new handout)


Discussion of final paper


Review Romanticism/Transcendentalism


Read 240-241 to yourselves (Washington Irving brief biography); take notes on the following literary terms: third person omniscient, characterization, indirect and direct characterization. 


HW: Work on paper


Tues. 12/9

Handouts: Rubric for written paper

-Read pages 242-247 of “The Devil and Tom Walker” in your textbook

-Take post-it annotations (analytical only, not summary) on: character observations; plot development observations; difficult vocabulary words that you look up and define (the ones defined already in the book DON’T count!).

-Rest of the period: work on your paper.

HW – Work on paper


Wed. 12/10

-Finish “The Devil and Tom Walker” pages 247-248; finish taking post-it annotations as detailed above.

-Work on Paper

HW: Finish rough draft. To get a 100% and to earn a peer partner to evaluate your writing, you must have the following completed: 3 ½ pages (minimum) double-spaced, typed in MLA format, 2-3 short quotations in MLA style embedded into your essay. Each book title italicized OR underlined. Intro/Conclusion paragraphs: 3-5 sentences with an UNDERLINED or highlighted thesis, and body paragraphs are 5-8 sentences.  If you don’t have all this, you will receive a quiz grade that is reflective of the work you did and will not have a peer partner (which you are getting a grade for working on his/her paper as well today).


Thur. 12/11

Comparison/Contrast Peer Editing day

Handout: Peer Editing/Revising Checklist


Fri. 12/12

Handout: Rubric for final exam presentation

-Quiz on “The Devil and Tom Walker”

-Fireside/Campfire Poetry in textbook




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