Sample Student Work 2006-2007

1st Period:

Denver Blackwell

Charles Christensen

Joann Jung

Briana Lynch

Hannah Choi

Joyce Moon

Ryan Croft

Debora Valenca

Darrell Roberts

Karim Lalani

Germana Reis

Danielle Safieh

Selina Keipert

Michael Dandy

Taylor Eich

Marketa Novotna

Zeke Rifkin

Irene Chang

Cedric Dzameshie

Vincent Ji

Enessa Mikhaliants

Zaid Mithani

Griffin Moeller

Cheri Taylor

2nd period:

Whitney Baker

Brock Larson

Brian McNamara

Lucie Kormakova

Joey Outland

Sarah Jusak

Andrew Shepherd

John Nohejl

MacKenzie Swindall

Thomas Dumitru

Mason Beckman

Frederick Nah

Ali McGrail

Julie Wald

Drew Rodriguez

Francein Kelly

Jordan Rainford

Justin Migliaccio

Devin Devito

Amber Rose

Ellie Switzer

Dustin Perry

Briana Brown

Shaocheng Li

Kelsey Woods

3rd Period

Kristen Kominus

Amy Lee

Adam Morris

Jesse Dang

David Shlora

Katie Whitehurst

Nicole Galassini

Sarah Gibson

Emily Mizerowski

Millicent Turkson

Colby Woodly

Calli Taylor

Chris Kim

Rob Bonner

Tom Bellitire

Beth Orehosky

Kyle Kalusa

Alex Teauge

Courtney Cox

Jarred Evans

Kirsty Pfahl

Ben Kim 

J J Hwang

Maggie Dalton

Nate Bressler

Bryan Martinez

Jessica Hawkins

4th period

Andrew Veeneman

Vanessa Stubbs

Ji Paeng

Ben Simmons

Alexandra Tavares

Josh Hoehn

George Chamesian

Tia Gallop

Kyle Bailey

Kyoung Lee

Ryan Gibson

Nathanial Wall

Gary Tucker

Fereba Ali

Rae Wilson

Ryan Nichols

Steve Kim

Justin Kim

Jordan Miles

Mitch Buck

Chris Irons


8 responses to “Sample Student Work 2006-2007

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  2. My wed address is not correct on your list. It is You were missing the k in hawk.

  3. Hello

    Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


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    just saying HI

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  7. I am a teacher who was browsing the internet looking for sample student work… this material is great. Kudos to the students for what appears to be some outstanding work, and props to your teacher for giving you a better-than-average assignment!

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