American Lit. (2,4,6) Week 12/8-12/12/08

Weekly Assignments


Mon. 12/8

  • We reviewed your assignment from Friday — #1 in your Table of Contents – Romanticism pre-reading activity
  • Then, we read pages 240-241 – background to Washington Irving
  • Then, we read the intro. to “The Devil and Tom Walker” on page 242 and a couple of paragraphs of the short story


Tues. 12/9 – Special Guest Speaker RHS’ Ms. Thomas. Topic: The Importance of Reading in h.s. and post-high school life


Wed. 12/10

  • Handout:  “The Devil and Tom Walker Questions” — #2 in your Table of Contents – this is to be filled out when we read aloud in class.
  • Read pages 242-246
  • Work with your group, complete questions #1-15


HW: If you are not finished up to question #15, finish it for hw and have it with you tomorrow.


Thur. 12/11

·         Read “The Devil and Tom Walker” pages 247-252

·         Complete questions #16-30

HW: Finish questions #16-30; quiz tomorrow on “The Devil and Tom Walker”


Friday, 12/12

·         Handout: Study Guide for Final Exam

·         “The Devil and Tom Walker” Quiz

·         Complete 57-58 in your selection support book on “The Devil and Tom Walker” after quiz.


Changes next semester (In Jan.) – We are going to start each day by reading 10 minutes in your independent novel. You WILL NEED TO BRING it with you everyday. I also need you to make sure you have your warm-up notebook (or a new one!) with you everyday.


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