American Lit. Honors (5th period) Week 10/27-10/31/08

American Lit. Honors (5th period)

Week 10/27-10/31/08

Mrs. Breaux

 Mon. 10/27 – Book Talk presentations: Matt M., Jon. A, Shannel B, then watch Act I

 Hw: Prepare book talk

 Tues. 10/28 – Discussion of Book Talk presentations: evaluation handout sheet given out:

Book Talk presentations: Byron R, Mandy A, then finish Act I, begin Act II

HW:  Read Arthur Miller Article by Thursday’s class:  be VERY PREPARED for a pop quiz on this.

If you are Elizabeth or John Proctor, you need to have read/prepared the first 20 pages of Act II for tomorrow

Wed. 10/29 – Book talks: Brittany L, Frances R; Perform Act II: in class today, we read from _____________ to___________; Act II handout – to fill out as actors perform.

Hw: Finish Arthur Miller article; book talk presentation if you haven’t gone yet; study for Friday’s quiz

 Thur. 10/30 – Book Talks – Courtney B. and Jessie H; Pop quiz on Arthur Miller Article (?); Discuss Arthur Miller Article

 HW:   Study the following for tomorrow’s quiz: Act I-II: know all characters in play thus far and a little bit about them, 1-30 vocabulary words from handout last week; Arthur Miller Guardian article; 

 Reading Strategies to help you study: skim over play and create possible quiz questions as you skim. Put the question on the front of a post-it note and the answer on the back; make index cards for your vocabulary terms, use to create index cards and play games online with vocabulary terms; make a time line of significant events in Acts I-I

Friday, 10/31/08 –   1. Book Talks: Megan B, Astrid R  

2. Weekly Quiz #4 

3. Read Semester Book Project Book #2


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