American Lit. (periods 2,4,6)

American Lit. (2,4,6)

Mrs. Breaux

Week 10/27-10/30

Work collected last week:

  • No written work was collected; however, if you had a part in Act I, you were earning points every time you acted for your Crucible Acting Assessment.

Important dates for this week:

  • Folders collected Wed. (assignments #12-16 checked for 300 cw points)
  • Weekly Quiz #5 on Friday 10/31
  • Reading Logs or alternative assignment due in notebook (

Mon. 10/27

1. We updated our Table of Contents by adding: 12. Reading Log #8 (pages 211-245) 13. Reading Log #9 (246-280) 14. Crucible Vocabulary handout (front and back) from last week  15. Weekly Quiz #4 (you received this back from the sub on Thur.) 

2. Next, we read to almost the end of Act I.

HW: Read your independent novel; review vocabulary from last week for Thursday’s quiz.

Tues. 10/28  2nd period only – Review Vocabulary for this week’s quiz

All periods: 1. Finish Act I

2. Act I questions – finish questions from Thursday and complete rest of questions for Act I. If you don’t get finished in class, take it home and finish. (Questions are #16 in your folder)

     3. Independent Reading Log Options handout

HW: Read independent novel; study vocabulary words; finish Act I questions if you didn’t finish in class.

Wed. 10/29 –  Folders collected #12-16 checked (300 CW pts.); Watch Act I in class; Handout for Act I film completed while watching film.  3. Add #17 to Table of Contents: Crucible Film handout

Hw: Read independent novel; review Crucible Act I for quiz on Friday; review vocabulary for quiz on Friday.

Thur. 10/30 – Late folders collected (-10 pts per day) 1. Review for quiz: study vocabulary from handout; character list for play to be familiar with the following character names: Hale, Proctor, Elizabeth Proctor, Ann/Thomas Putnam; Ruth Putnam; Mary Warren; Abigail; Betty; Rev. Parris; Mercy Lewis; Susanna; Tituba; Rebecca Nurse; Giles Corey. Know content and plot of Act I and pages __________to ______________read today in Act II.

2. Read pages 1267 to________________ in Act II.

Hw: Review for quiz; bring independent novels to class tomorrow

Fri. 10/31 Weekly Quiz #5 (see study guide under Thursday’s hw

  1. Independent Reading (6th period – read silently for 25 minutes or this will be removed this semester from your schedule and you will have to do this entirely on your own outside of class).
  2. Put reading log or alternative assessment for this week’s 30 pages (281-316) in folder.


HW: Read your independent Novel


Have a safe and fun Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!


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