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Our HandsI just recently moved back to my hometown. Well, not exactly my hometown since I grew up in Orange Park (Ridgecrest) but close to my hometown. I live in a historic home in Riverside. My husband and I love old homes with all the details and the uniqueness that they possess.  I absolutely love where my husband and I live. We can walk to cafes and stores, bike along the river and walk our dog in any of the numerous parks that surround our home.  I am actually teaching at my old junior high, formally Ridgeview Junior High and now Ridgeview High School. My husband graciously made the move with me here because I wanted to live closer to my mom.  She has been alone since we lost my dad over three years ago. The bright spot is that losing someone close to you, such as a parent, makes you value your family even more than you did before. My husband and I are looking forward to raising our future children here in Jacksonville.  I am really happy to work at Ridgeview because my students are kind and ready to learn, the faculty is friendly and helpful, and the administration wants an atmosphere of not only of strong academics and learning but also one of compassion for each individual student.

Why did I become a teacher? Some of you asked me that question the beginning of the year in your student survey.   I have a passion for teaching English. I am constantly reading pedagogy to keep up with new research.  I like to challenge my students because I know they can do it if they put their minds to it.  Learning to interpret the written and spoken word are essential for a culturally literate life. Words are power. Learning to read material that is initially challenging will only enhance your ability to learn to wield that power and create a diction and style that is uniquely your own. Never stop reading and exploring. Learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom; it happens all around you. Each day is an opportunity for personal and intellectual growth.


12 responses to “About me

  1. Love your website! Thank you so much for all you do!

    My daughter, Sarah is in your class.

    Many thanks,

  2. CATS!!!!!OMG. i dont like most cats.unless they are nice, but dogs will always be better.lol

  3. Great web site – good communication tool! Thanks for sharing your passion for reading and writing with our son, Derrek Moore.

  4. Hiiii Mrs. Breaux!!!!!Do u remember me??Debora, from Brazil????
    I miss youuu so muchh, when are u coming here to visit germana and I???
    How are the exchange’s students this year??Better than last semester???hahahaha
    Send me an e-mail, ok??
    see ya

  5. Hello Mrs. Breaux,
    I came across your website while looking for ideas for my English 10 class. This is my first year teaching, so at times things can be a bit overwhelming.
    Anyway, I just wanted to say that your website is incredible! I am sure your students love it.


  6. Hello Mrs. Breaux,
    I’m finnaly able to access your web page. Not a bad site. It’s a little too white though.

  7. Mrs Breaux! Thanks for the VIP! 😀 I forget if i thanked you but now I did.. sorry I didn’t get to go, but at least what i was doing was for charity!
    BTW Brendon up there have you got something against white 🙂 ?!

  8. Hi Mrs. Breaux,

    I am a first year teacher in northern Vermont. I came across your site while looking at teacher blogs as well as searching for information on “Into the Wild.” I was wondering if you could offer any information on how you developed your unit on “Into the Wild” as well as how you use your blog as a teaching tool with your students. We are reading “Into the Wild” right now and I have been experimenting with blogging all year. Thanks for any advice and help you can give. My email address is john.collins.craig@gmail.com.

  9. Mrs. Breaux,

    I am trying to contact you regarding a sudden opening in the English Department st St. Johns Country Day. We have your papers on file, but the phones are gone and you haven’t answered my email. I suspect you are no longer searching, but will love the chane to speak with you either way. If you happen to get this, would you respond at either
    904.276.7083 or

    Greg Foster, Headmaster

  10. MRS. BREAUX….i need some help with an essay and i need a recommendation letter from u…i lost ur email but please do email me ASAP. miss u a lot.

  11. Mrs. Breaux is there anything i can do for extra credit

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