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AP Lit. (1st) Week 10/27-10/31/08

Upcoming dates:

Mon. 11/3 – Beowulf Essay re-write due; Lit. Terms test Mandatory Re-take for those of you who scored under 80%.

Tues. 11/4 – SAT words Quiz #1

Mon. 10/27  Work individually on either:

Chapters 11-15 How to Read Lit. Like a Professor – Annotate each chapter


Applied Practice Workbook pages 96-101; questions 23-54

HW: Whatever you did not complete in class from the above assignment; complete.

Tues. 10/28 – Annotations checked; 250 Spark Notes SAT words – Mark these quiz dates in your calendar:

Tues. 11/4 – 1-25 (abjure-clemency)

Tues. 11/11 – 26-50 (cogent-egregious)

Tues. 11/18 – 51-75 (enervate-hapless)

Tues. 12/2 – 76-100 (harangue-inveterate)

Tues. 12/9 – 101-125 (jubilant-nascent)

For each quiz, you will need to know: the definition, the correct spelling of the term, how to recognize it in a sentence based on context clues, and how to write an original sentence of your own using context clues. 

**Hold onto the list, as we will learn the next 125 words third quarter. 

www.turnitin.com info.: the first time you will need to register. I need you to register by Thursday night so that if you are having any problems, I can help you before your How to….Project is due. 

  1. go to: www.turnitin.com (there’s a link on my website)
  2. register as a student

class ID: 2481119

enrollment password: breaux

  1. Then, you will be prompted through the steps: MAKE SURE YOU WRITE DOWN your new LOG-IN (your email address) and your unique password. I CAN NEVER LOOK UP your password – so if you forget it or don’t write it down, it is a HUGE PAIN.
  2. Test logging in so that you can make sure this works. Locate your assignment.

Finally, we will review the answers to questions 1-54 in your applied practice books.

Hw: Work on How to Read….project – wrong date on email: due the date I originally told you; Also, highlight ALL poetic terms in your literary terms handout in one distinct color – pink, yellow, green, it doesn’t matter and bring this with you tomorrow to class.; bring highlighters in three different colors tomorrow.

Wed. 10/29 – Beowulf Prompts handed back; re-writes due (original grade will be averaged with re-write grade for final grade) Mon. 11/3; comments and feedback (you take notes from feedback in your notebook)

Poetry in Perrine’s Literature (brown anthology): “The Eagle”/Tennyson (563); “Winter”/Shakespeare (564); “Dulce et Decorum Est” (565-566) 

You will be given handouts of these in class to write on.

 Instructions given in class on how to explicate poems with highlighters. Complete activity.

HW:  Read pages 563-568 in Perrine’s Literature.

Thur. 10/30 – Beowulf Tests handed back;  Discussion of  hw; Read Spring and answer questions at end of poem (568-569) HW: Register for www.turnitin.com if you haven’t done so already.

HW: finish “Spring” and discussion questions if you didn’t finish all in class.

Fri. 10/31 – HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Let’s have breakfast as we work…who wants to organize it?

Poetry: “The Whipping” (Hayden); “The Computation” (Donne); “Hawk Roosting” (Hughes) pages 569-571 – answer all questions at end of each poem on sheet of paper.

Weekend HW: How to Read…project….